About Art Mandai

Art Mandai, held annually on 26th January, at the Mahatma Phule Mandai, Shukrawar Peth, Pune, aims to bring authentic and affordable art to the people in a space that is very public. The idea is to help people connect with original artwork and excite them to own it and place in their personal surroundings.

Since 2016, Art Mandai has claimed a new space for art in the city and has successfully prompted fresh conversations about one of Pune’s most admired heritage structures. Art Mandai also creates a new audience for the Mahatma Phule Mandai by restoring it to popular consciousness.

The Mandai is a melting pot for different strata of society. It is used for political activities, religious festivals, theatre performances, and heritage walks. On weekends, photographers throng to it to record nuances of the place and its people.

Selling and exhibiting art, including interactive and performing arts – alongside vegetable and fruit vendors is an earnest attempt to dissolve hierarchies, make art commonplace and take these dialogues beyond the confines of art gallery spaces.

Art Mandai chooses a new theme every year. Artists and performers are required to work around only this theme; and interpret and respond to it with their own unique artistic sensibilities.

35% of the proceeds from the art sales goes towards funding an important social cause. Hence in 2018, Art Mandai plans to install a filtered and pure drinking water station in the premises of the Mahatma Phule Mandai for the public and especially for the stall owners and vegetable vendors from the Mandai.

Interview on Art Mandai by Sujata Dharap (Audio Only)

Art Mandai 2020


Hello Pune Artists!
Get ready for another Art Mandai on 26 January 2020.
This year’s theme is “HARVEST”.
Harvest is a time for consolidation of what we sow. It denotes the hope of abundance and of celebrations. It is related to gathering of the fruits of one’s labour.

So let your creative juices flow and harvest your thoughts ! Create compelling pieces of art specially for ART MANDAI 2020.

if you are interested in participating, send in your name by 15th November 2019
to artmandaipune@gmail.com

We will be also be putting up a curated show for the selected Art Mandai 2020 Pune Artists some time in Mid 2020. In this curated show, selected artists will display and sell their work based on their individual artistic interpretation of the theme.

Please feel free to call anyone one of us from the core committee to help you.

Participation open to Pune based artists only. Participation fee is Rs 1000/- only. Maximum sales price for a single artwork will be Rs 2000/- only. 35% of sales will be donated to a worthy social cause.

Application Details

  1. The artists who wish to participate will have to send a concept note and a rough sketch on how they plan to represent the chosen theme “Harvest” by 15th November 2019.
  2. The core committee will select the artists from the applications received based on the artists’ concepts and sketch. The selection will be at the discretion of the core committee.
  3. The artists cannot use same/similar items displayed in any of the last Art Mandai. The artworks need to be new and only according to the theme.
  4. The committee members are available to discuss the concepts with the artists and help them with ideas on production and methods on how the artwork can be made in low cost without compromising the quality of the work.
  5. The chosen artists will strictly follow the theme as per their submitted concept for the Art Mandai on 26th January 2020.
  6. The Art Mandai is only for artists from Pune.
  7. Please fill in the form and email your concept and sketch via

(Image Size not to Exceed 1 MB)

(Image Size not to Exceed 1 MB)

Terms and Conditions


The ART MANDAI reserves the right to update any of these points at any time, please check before accepting an exhibition with ART MANDAI

To make your favourite Art available in an affordable price.

Artists are requested to submit concepts of their Art work in a format given by ART MANDAI within the time specified by ART MANDAI. The details or concepts submitted by the Artists will not be taken in to consideration if not found in order.

Only registered artists can enter the ART MANDAI Exhibition. Artist can submit photos or slides of their Art work for selection to the ART MANDAI. Artist should have minimum experience of three years as an Artist, The Artist should be a full time practitioner in his field.

All selections of an Art work will be done only by the ART MANDAI. All selection done by the ART MANDAI will be binding on an Artist who are willing to register with the ART MANDAI. At the selection stage of an exhibition, we always look for accuracy, quality of work and its suitability for the exhibition. The following are likely to be automatically rejected;

  • Poor images
  • Poor presentation
  • Late applications

Selected Artists should agree all the terms and conditions declared by the ART MANDAI and need to sign an Agreement if satisfied.

Artists should submit their applications with all the information in time and format specified in the agreement by the ART MANDAI.The submitted files may not be considered by the ART MANDAI if delayed by the Artists.

The participation fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable, the amount of participation fee is mentioned in the agreement and will be finalised by the ART MANDAI.

he selection of the product will be done only by the ART MANDAI as per the agreement. The detailed information of the product should be submitted before the dates mentioned in the agreement. Only products are allowed to display which are listed in the agreement with the ART MANDAI and the products will be checked by the ART MANDAI.

The most important things to consider when producing an exhibition that the quality of the product. The quality of the product should not differ from the information or photographs listed with the ART MANDAI, failing which it can cost the termination of an agreement with the ART MANDAI as the ART MANDAI is a reputed platform to display your quality art work.

The stalls will be allotted by the ART MANDAI with chit system only. Snacks and tea coupons will be provided by the ART MANDAI.

Artists are responsible for transporting their artwork to and from the gallery for exhibition. Artwork is due at the exhibition before time of the exhibition specified in agreement by the ART MANDAI.Artists can collect unsold art work immediately, if artwork is not collected from the exhibitionon the same day, The ART MANDAI will dispose it off and you have to pay fine of Rs. 500/- to the ART MANDAI.

Price of the product should be decided by the Artist at the time of listing of his art work with the ART MANDAI which will be final. The Price will not exceed more than Rs 2000/-.  35 % share of the cost of the art work will be given to the ART MANDAI which is not negotiable. This amount will be spent on charity decided by the ART MANDAI annually. The amount should be paid by artist before 1.30 pm or before leaving your stall or the premises to the ART MANDAI.

The ART MANDAI is not liable for any tax collection or deduction. The members themselves has to pay all type of taxes which are applicable according to the Governments rules and jurisdictions.

Payment will be accepted as well as pay by cheques, no cash transaction are allowed. Acceptance of payment of the art work at exhibition can be decide by the Artist.

The information given by the Artists to the ART MANDAI about their art work can be used for the promotion of the ART MANDAI in any medium (online or offline). The ART MANDAI has right to change the dates of the procedure. All other rights are reserved by the ART MANDAI.

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